1000 ml, course 140 days.

Psoriasis is a chronic recurrent illness; during it the skin and mucosa are affected.
Sometimes articulations are also affected (psoriasis arthritis, joint deformation). 
Etiology of this disease is unknown.
The most widespread theories about psoriasis appearance reasons are: virus, neurogenic, inherited and exchange theories. But none of them is runs current.

In my opinion, psoriasis is not a skin disease; it is display of viscera lesion.
One of the skin functions is secretion.
When the main organism "cleansing filters" (liver, kidneys) are affected, the skin takes their disintoxication and secretion functions upon itself.
It may be seen in the hepatitis and chronic kidney deficiency examples whose consequence psoriasis often can be.
The organism always tries to "take out" what ruins it outside. 
Reasoning from all the above mentioned it is inexpedient to treat psoriasis outwardly, it may give only a temporary cosmetic effect. Nevertheless the internal pathology remains and progresses. 
The same with the disintoxication therapy, it is also the strife with the consequences. 

The "Sergeev balm" restores the balance of the control organism systems (Vata, Kapha, and Pita), strengths the immune system, essentially improves the blood structure and stabilizes the metabolic processes.
As the result your organism treats the disease by itself with the help of its own vigor.
During psoriasis treatment of the balm is used inwardly, during usage, non- discomfort inflammation of the affected skin areas can be observed. Then, the psoriasis patches get smaller, become pale and disappear.
The balm being used inwardly recovers the balance of the viscera functions, first of all the disintoxication functions of affected liver and the secretion function of the kidneys. 
During taking the "Sergeev balm" automatic invigoration of the whole organism takes place, independently from the disease localization, due to this the whole state of health considerably improves, the asthenia symptoms disappear.
You'll feel joy from having healthy body again 

An example of recovery during psoriasis with the help of "Sergeev Balm" can be viewed here.